About us

 Our vision

Hinata is not a place for training. Hinata is a place for the children to have fun and to achieve what they want to do. They can make their personalities shine through play and activities. They can laugh and enjoy from the bottom of their hearts. Offering these opportunities to the children is the speciality on which we want to focus. However, when the children beomce tired, they can also use our center for relaxing and to go home refreshed. To make all these activities possible, our nurses, physical therapists, nursery teachers, child instructors and other specialized staff are here to support them.


 We offer continued and strong support, tailored to each child’s growth and development. We also look into their future and offer support that aims to allow them become independent adults.


- Variety of activities that build the relationships between the children
- Seasonal activities, such as BBQ etc.
- Activities around the interests of the children
- Opportunities to meet other people in the community
- Both physically and mentally relaxing times